Prices for Skill Class

This is a great class to start with for all ages who are new to tennis or who need to un-learn and re-learn proper efficient fundamentals and are not ready to commit to a minimum of 4 hours a week in the GreatBase TIA Player Development Course.

Pricing Overview:
For beginners and anyone wanting to work on or fix their fundamentals
- $140.00 a month for one 1-hour class a week
- $280.00 a month for two 1-hour classes a week

- Class meets daily, you and Coach Schainblatt will pick a day and hour that works for you
- This class meets at Heritage High School
- Tuition is paid once a month on a month-to-month basis.
- You may start at any time, 1st month is prorated, tuition due on the 1st of each following month thereafter
- Our program is year round and we limit the number of players
- Skill class sign ups with tennis experience should be video taped before participating with a minimum of the Basic Video Analysis. See Video Analysis Page.
- See Equipment needed web page
- All our registration is done online

If your Child is Goal Oriented and ready for more training and faster improvement please investigate our GreatBase TIA Player Development Course

-SKILL CLASSES are Small Group/Semi-Private Instructional classes
- We call it a SKILL CLASS because it is highly instructional and we want you to learn proper technique which requires personal attention and deliberate instruction and practice through a well thought out and balanced system of curriculum. Our members feel this fills a niche that includes the detailed instruction of a private lesson at a fraction of the cost plus the benefits of being in a small group.
- Highly instructive fact based curriculum using progressions for developing proper technique
- Emphasis is on building a complete player with long range development in mind, not a short term oriented 'win now' mentality

Note About Our Memberships:
- Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you find that after the first lesson you are not completely satisfied you may, within 3 business days, request a refund for that lesson or lessons if prepaid. I want you to be completely satisfied!
- All programs are month-to-month, no refunds since this is a pay as you go program
- New Students may start at any time
- Trial is available, $40.00 for one 60 min SKILL Class


Heritage High School, 1150 Forestville Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587