Private Tennis Lessons


  • Can be offered at Heritage High School or in North Raleigh
  • Offered for all levels and ages; junior and adults
  • Offered as 1 and 1's, 1 and 2's, and 1 and 3's (small group)
  • For anyone that needs one on one attention to address a specific area in your game
  • Personally tailored and highly instructive; can cover topics from any of our programs from stroke development, footwork patterns, developing a playbook, strategy and tactics, etc.
  • Outdoor or indoor location
  • Suggested frequency: one to four times a month


1 and 1's - One Pro and one Player

  • $60.00 for 60 minutes
  • $30.00 for 30 minutes

1 and 2's - One Pro and two Players

  • $90.00 for 60 minutes
  • $45.00 for 30 minutes

1 and 3's - One Pro and three Players

  • $120.00 for 60 minutes

Please bring a check or cash to your appointment.